Monday, April 23, 2007

Please Have Your Pet Fixed Or Fixed Up

Here's what might happen when your dog tries to show you how affectionate he is about you. You're hanging out in the living
room and Jimmy comes to you, humps your leg or hand, and starts doing the copulating “loco”-motion like there's no tomorrow.
Hotdoll is made from a plastic structure covered with a 1 cm technogel skin. That's definitely not softer than your pyjamas, so prepare taking measures to prevent possible night rides. It's shaped to let Jimmy grabb it easily using his paws and comes in 2 flavours: one colored in white for horny little wining poochs and a black one for hormone infested big dogs. It's especially designed to make it easy for your pooch to "recognize" it even in multiple legs enviroments. Both "models" (ahem) come with orange colored rubber extremities in order to give the doll a good grip on the floor.

Allright here is a thought. Take him to the park or take him to have a little surgery. I forgot how I did this but, no I ain't about to say I fixed it my own self. I had called the Humane Society and got it done for free. And didn't have to her, it was my cat, in myself. I am such a deadbeatt.

So while looking a dog humping a person video I found this one:

You must read the comments to this video. I mean please people become pet owners or go visit a farm

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