Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Toulouse Lautrec

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Young women 'seeking vagina surgery'

More young Australian women are embracing "vaginal rejuvenation" surgery, according to one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the field.

Dr Colin Moore, a cosmetic surgeon who has been performing so-called labiaplasty operations for more than 30 years, says the type of women opting for the procedure to reduce the inner vaginal lips has changed dramatically in the past decade.

"Most of the younger women we used to see were what I call the professionals - the pole dancers, the strippers, whose parts have to be in good shape because it's part of their act," Dr Moore said at the national cosmetic medicine conference in Melbourne.

"Besides them, the other women were housewives in their 30s and 40s who had had a few bubs and felt they needed it."

So I am at broadcaster watching a lady work out with a toy. She had nice air strip with a full bloom going on 'cause she was nice and hot. And then some idiot goes and makes a stupid comment about the way her lips look.

"It just seems that we're seeing a lot more young girls who are concerned that their partners in sex may in fact be put off by the appearance of their vulvas," the Sydney-based specialist said.

"Others just plain don't like them, and that's the reason they're coming along now."

The 90-minute operation costs $10,000 and involves trimming the protruding labia minora, or inner lips, back to the same level as the outer lips without interfering with the erotic nerve endings in the area.

You cut down there you might damage things permanently. All women should spend more looking down there. They would find it a very lovely spot..

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