Monday, April 16, 2007

Sex shops add touch of pink to fading rural shopping streets

Shibuya Sex Shop
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Japan's rust belt has turned into a garter belt with growing numbers of small cities seeing the mom and pop shops vanish from their centers to be replaced by sex businesses, according to Spa! (4/17).

"It really started getting bad about two or three years ago. Those sorts of establishments just popped up everywhere in what seemed like an instant. There used to be a noodle restaurant and a hearing aid store, too," a clothes store operator located in the central part of the Kanagawa Prefecture city of Atsugi tells Spa!, noting that establishments in the area are now dealing with completely different types of noodles than had once been the case.

"We're still a regular shopping street, but with all those gaudy signs around, people aren't coming here to buy anymore. And there's more trouble. And it's not as safe."

Here we have a few strip clubs and the sex shop is being replaced by an ALDI. We could use this kind of thing at the old Dixe Square mall.

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