Friday, December 05, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden 88 And beyond

I swear that in dattebayo's gonna drop it letter. There are parts that made me think at the time. they was just taking a break for some reason or another.

Now I know it is because the animators of the Naruto manga stories have gone bat shit insane.

Yeah and I didn't think it would be on crunchyroll for free without some kinda catch. Well at least you have the manga witch is way ahead of the sorry animation. And I don't just mean that because they are coming up with bad stories instead of following the chapters. I mean look at the quality of the animation. Even in the movies they put out such terrible stuff. Sometimes however you do get really great backgrounds.

A lot of folks think this is simple filler and not the new direction of the animations storyline. And some seem happy. I hope they stay in denial too long. It will ruin the chances of ever getting quaility anime subs in the future.

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