Saturday, December 06, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden Insanity

It was this bit right here by the way.

It was somewhere around here, in the midst of the filler, that I stopped liking Naruto as a show. I stopped watching it. I still did some timing, and the karaoke. As the filler wore on, some of those karaoke got pretty lame. I apologize for that.

And you didn't like the filler either. Download numbers dropped. In October 2006, Naruto was getting about 175,000 downloads in the week after release. The staff hated subbing it.

Our own quality dropped because none of the staff really liked the show when Naruto was peeing on people. We kept doing it because fans kept telling us they liked it. They'd tell us how it brought their families together, how it guided them through rough times, how it was something to look forward to in their otherwise dreary lives. Every week on the same day, they had Naruto.

Now with the animators pulling the three tailed biju out of the story for its own arc. I think you all can see why and also feel why. they are dropping it. Oh and yes the subtitle on the clip below is wrong. It is not a movie it's a 10 years of Naruto so lets just crap on the telling of the story new arc special announcement.

This is worse than filler. Filler implies stretching out the story with something "fill" in the blank space. Here they are actually changing the story as it has already been laid out in the manga (see Chapter 317 -).

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